At Astute Development we specialise in providing effective people development strategies, tailored to your business needs.

This involves far more than just delivering training courses; it is about integrating a learning and development culture into all areas of your organisation – inspiring your people to maximise their potential.


  • Integrated Development Programmes
    • Managers
    • Non-Managers
  • Sales Skills
  • Sales Management Development
  • Personal Development


  • Coaching & Mentoring


  • Developing Your People
  • HR
  • Sales Development
  • Appraisal Systems
  • Competency Frameworks
  • IIP Management
  • E-learning

Government Funding

Government funding is available, for Leadership and Management training, for businesses with between 5 and 999 employees.

We can assist you in accessing this funding.

Tel No: 01244 336471 | E-mail: [email protected]